Health Information Monopolies/ State of The Fitness Industry 2019

November 27, 2019




"Although there is much debate as to the morality of these actions (they ARE private companies) one might wonder if, although these behemoths CAN do something, should they actually do it? 


What is the motivation for Google making it remarkably difficult to find information on low carb, ketogenic, and similar diets? 

Some may merely shrug and dismiss the whole mess, but a recent Harvard study looked at a low carbohydrate diet in type 1 diabetic children…this is a highly controversial topic, and in general the medical establishment views low carb diets as “dangerous and ill advised” for diabetics."




The State of The Fitness Industry 2019 (CrossFit Gym





Change is happening faster than ever before in the fitness industry. In the “State of the Industry” series, Chris Cooper shares his insights into the industry data that matters to you. He’ll tell you what we know, what others know, and how it all affects your business.


In this video, Chris will tell you the story of the data—the story that thousands of hours of free calls, mentoring calls and data collected from 800 gym owners can tell about gym health and the state of the fitness industry today.

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