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November 7, 2019



I'm not going to labour on what every gym who has copied what they can from CrossFit culture spouts about. 


I came through that environment and it gave me my coaching career. Yet all its unique elements have been jumped on where possible, and assimilated by its competitors. 


It's the same well worn offering that every bootcamp, circuits class or high intensity franchise gym rolls out.


To be clear here's what I'm not offering....


SECRET SAUCE PROGRAMMING..It's not what most people really care about, and you can't really tell the difference most likely between mine and another brand's anyway. 


GREAT COMMUNITY....Though a bad community culture will lose people at gyms.. a good one doesn't get you new people through the door necessarily. The RELATIONSHIPS I have with each of my clients is more important to me. Even moreso than the relationships of my members with each other. It's about how I can impart on their lives, their goals, their health. The coach/client relationship!


 LONG OPENING HOURS where you can do your own thing. Lots of access is great but you're probably not interested in coaching.  Or you're losing interest in the value of the coaching you're receiving, or not as the case may be. People come to me for my COACHING and the VALUE that brings, not 24/7 access to a gym.


GROUP CLASSES... where you pay your membership and show up if you feel like it. Big classes.. Everyone's doing it...not a lot changes whether someone comes in or they leave. They don't find out much about you at the start of your experience.


You're not seen as adding anything to the group or taking away from it if you leave. So, they don't need to know anything about your goals..its only that you've paid your membership! Does the coach have to work any harder if you are there or not? The program stays the same whether you're there or not. 


This is the commoditisation of Group, community, programming..and the spiral towards low cost. The big franchise brands/gyms can spend a tonne on attracting you in there. They don't need to know John Smith's background. They spend more and make less per client. They can easily have high churn and still be profitable. Their margins can get squeezed to death but they'll still survive!


Here's what specialisation you get with me......


Personalised Fitness and Nutrition

Some people train 1 to 1, some people 2:1 or 4:1..and some in larger groups via the GPP Fitness classes. 

Each nutrition client gets their own baseline based on their intake information and lifestyle factors. How many gyms or classes your hitting offer you a Nutrition program as part of your membership or dedicated assistance?



I sell RESULTS...that you can see, watch and read about with visible testimonials. They are gained with knowledge and action! KNOWLEDGE in itself.. has no value anymore. Anyone can find workouts to do on Instagram or online. Or roll up to a franchise gym and let them tell you what to do. You can buy a diet book or get prepackaged low cal meals so you don't have to educate yourself at all.   


ACTION is a different animal.....action is HARD. Most people don't want to do it. Not daily. MOST don't want to prep meals or buy healthy veg. This is where I come in!



People take comfort from being able to switch off for and hour and that I will make decisions for them about  say scaling a workout. Because they've had a million things already today to make decisions about. They don't want to think about scaling well. They want me to tell them. 



Hearing "great lift" or "you smashed that workout" often are people getting positive feedback like that in their day...or someone saying "I'm glad you could make it". They come to me because they know I like them, and I let them know that! They know I have their best interest in mind and I won't let them do crappy things and waste their time or money un-necessarily.



Someone a client knows is raving about the latest  diet trend. When they think should they try it? They come to me for answers. They don't have to waste their time and energy with random actions. I'll advise them. 


Rudder Adjust

If my program isn't working for a client I give them something different. When people hire me they don't expect me to get everything right 100% every time. But they do expect me to correct navigation when they go off course. 

There are times when I may tell a client that working with me is not a good fit or that the options we've used for them are not right for now. That may mean I lose out but...people respect that honesty and they may well return in the future and remain fiercely loyal because of that truth spoken.  Sometimes it's about whats best for the client...and thats my job. 


All of the above require a 1:1 relationship with the client and that's what I strive for with everyone I work with!

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