It starts with the coaching relationship..

October 30, 2019


Here at Spartan GPP Fitness I strive for excellence for YOU. 


This does not mean you have to be some superstar of fitness or  a competitive athlete. It's about being better than you were yesterday and a hunger for progression and integrity. 


It's about building blocks towards quality foundations both in how you move, how train, how you think, and how you eat. 


It's about moving ourselves on that health curve away from SICKNESS (obesity/diabetes/cancer/heart disease/liver disease/depression/loneliness/inactivity) to WELLNESS (healthy blood panels, a decent body composition/ good relationships/community/ moderation with nutrition/ being able to maintain our physical independence/ occupying the mind with fortitude, mindfullness and restoration). 

Get in touch for an INTRO. Come see the gear required..just a conversation for you to see what its all about and the best path forward. 

See website for email/tel number contact. 

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