Working with older clients and those returning from long term illness

February 8, 2019



'Get Moving' Online Program 


This part of the community I feel is a population that gets forgotten about and often the 'slowing down' pretence is prevalent in the way they are treated and how they sometimes feel they are meant to approach later years. 


What gets lost in the very important mix of staying healthy in later years is maintaining muscle mass via activity and even some resistance training. This combats sarcopenia (muscle mass loss) which can happen as we age due to not just ageing but in activity or activity that is is too low intensity regarding strength. 


Independence is for me the prime driver to wanting to thrive when older. Doing nothing or consciously  slowing down to an unnecessary level only endangers that.


Chronic Illness, long term sickness or injuries  and time in hospitals can rob you not just of independence but strength and muscle mass. Truth be told hospitals aren't the best places where your nutrition and sustenance is looked after optimally.  


Weight loss and loss of lean muscle mass has a cut off point during illness/sickness so if you couple this with being elderly and having not remained active you actually reduce your chances of recovering if a condition robs you of weight/muscle mass excessively and you have serious amount of time in hospital.   


So it helps to maintain activity, and forms of resistance training..where possible as a preventative measure.  Below is a brief of a program that may help someone you know who doesn't know where to turn but may need some help.  Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.  


Designed for people who are elderly, de-conditioned, dealing with a lot of physical limitations and/or have very little exercise experience and may struggle with things like getting off the floor without help.


Begins with seated mind/body awareness meditation, then progresses into guided meditative walks and in month three transitions into easy exercise with standing-only movements that can be done at home. Good for recovery from major injuries or surgeries that prevent normal training.

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