The Turkish Get Up Rocks!

February 5, 2019


"Here is why you should care about the TGU:


Shoulder stability and mobility: The TGU is preventative medicine for your upper body. Holding a kettlebell overhead builds stability and mobility for your shoulders.

Additionally, heavy TGUs will lead to pleasant surprises in your pressing strength.


Thoracic extension and rotation: We do a number of exercises in the horizontal (bench press/press ups) and vertical planes (shoulder press/ jerks), but not many that call for rotation. The TGU builds rotational strength and patterning that is helpful for athletes.


Linking motor patterns: The TGU builds bodily awareness and trains patterns that translate across athletic endeavors. This type of patterning is not available from bilateral (two arm) exercises alone." (Craig Marker)


A great movement that fits in nicely to Alex's goals around combatting long periods of sitting at work with posture being slouched and rounded over time.


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