Is Your Rigidity Caused By Weakness Or Flexibility In Your Training?

January 27, 2019



A questions that relates to both your physical make up and your training choices...





Something I have learned over the last few years and wished I had known from my early days of CrossFit is "It's tight for a reason" (James Jowsey - Physical Therapist CrossFit 3D). What that refers to is that potentially your excessive stiffness in a muscle/fascia may relate to your body trying to protect. 


Stiffness isn't always due to a lack of mobility, it can be due to weakness or a lack of ability to stabilise through a certain range of motion. The body can on occasion limit range to ensure stability. 


I've had tightness more in my left quad than my right since day dot of CrossFit. Only since I've done this lower back core rehab program that has a tonne of specific phased glute/core work in it..has my quad tightness lessened. It was a compensation where my quads were making up the shortfall of my glutes during squatting movements. 


Tightness in my lateral seam left side for 2+ years has improved dramatically with side bend specific work hitting obliques and QL muscle. 


Psoas tightness in left side for similar period..has also improved by hip flexion knee raises/ straight leg raises. All moves that had come out of training whilst away from fitness for a long period and allowed those muscle groups to weaken. 


I love Kelly Starrett and the Mobility Wod Project and it has influenced the Strength and Conditioning/fitness world more than many will admit. Though one of my bug bears is that they leave out is this piece relating to stability and weakness.  For many out there they feel they have to be hitting a ROMWOD or Yoga just as much as their CrossFit/high intensity training when the solution could be a simpler less time consuming option.


In other news my first Saturday Group Personal Training Session kicked off working with competition oriented CrossFitters and helping them to round out skills and some of the additional accessory work to aid their goals for their GPP and overall CrossFit game. 


Martin managed to break his barrier of 90 connected Double Unders with a change of rope. He tried my trusty Again Faster Revolution X rope. The sturdier cable was faster and less taxing for him. 


Rocky went from 5 to 15 connected Double Unders (minus any of the learning combos) and Rob hit 48 reps (1 single/ 1 double method) after I made an amendment to his rope to stop it changing length on him mid set.  Intro'd them to a new Gymnastic movement a nice squat variation and some technique work on their Olympic lifting to finish. 


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