Who's In Your Corner? (Fit For What Part 5)

January 14, 2019


"When you accomplish the thing you set out to do, you must take inventory of the people who have unconditionally supported you from the beginning. Your family or friends or people you met along the way, and to nurture those relationships because they are going to continue to push you forward, continue to challenge you. And ultimately help you express your best self!" (Carl Paoli)


Carl hits exactly the deeper meaning behind particularly, for me, the coaching/client relationship. I'm not interested in seeing someone for an hour and then never speaking to them again until their next session. I want more than that for them and me. 


Particularly in CrossFit I see so many people wanting more from their experience. They've come into that arena and they maybe underestimated all that is involved in the things they see and want. Or they feel hindered by circumstances. Sometimes they just don't put their hand up to ask for help and get lost in the mix of just cracking on. 


It's very easy for some individuals to coast as they don't always know how to join the dots or overcome obstacles in relation to their training, nutrition, sleep habits, recovery, and their mindset. 


I don't offer people a sweaty session....I offer a professional coaching relationship.


Quick well done to the boys from CrossFit Trafford and PT clients Rocky and Matt, who layed it on the line in the arena this weekend at MSquared CrossFit.




Tag someone who has your back and you’d like to acknowledge.


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