Killing The Fat Man (Season 2 Episode 2)

January 5, 2019

We first met Gary Roberts in 2012 when introduced the first season of Killing the Fat Man. In Season 1, the CrossFit community watched Roberts transform from an overweight man who had all but given up into a CrossFit athlete building a life he never thought was possible. He lost more than 70 lb., completed the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course and found a new zest for life.


Nearly six years later, Roberts has fallen off the wagon. He hasn't been to an affiliate in more than two years, his diet is terrible and his personal life is a mess.


In Season 2 of Killing the Fat Man, watch as Roberts fights to regain his health and fitness, reshape his outlook on life, and let go of past relationships that are detrimental to his overall well-being.


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