Fit For What? (Episode 5) & The Approach for an injury prone PT Client

November 8, 2018

 "That's why feedback is so powerful. That is why when someone sheds light on a blind spot, it can change your life!"


Alex has suffered in the past from lower back pain and other niggling injuries as higher intensity training took its toll along with prolonged sitting at a desk based job. 

We decided to take a different approach where we've slowed it right down. To organise him physically. It's so easy to miss the biomechanical flaws when the intensity takes over. 

Right now we are refining mobility issues in the front of his hip/quads, working towards better glute activity, and core strength. Topping it off with some classic hypertrophy compound movements to build strength. Basic fundamentals, simplicity..strength in position. It's all about the virtuosity! Sometimes intensity is not what clients need..they need help combatting the disease of sitting that is literally changing the way humans move. Weak gluten, tight hips, poor core strength....all new phenomenon as we move less and less and labour save more and more!




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