Hydration for Performance and Mobility

October 23, 2018


I've been chatting about this to some of my PT/remote  clients that do CrossFit of late and its importance. You are leaving performance on the table especially if you compete or like to push hard on your training, and deal with multiple intense workouts in a day. If you aren't hydrating optimally for game day, and to recover/maintain your electrolyte minerals Sodium, potassium and magnesium you could be missing out on an edge. 


K-Starr (Physical therapist/ owner of San Francisco CrossFit) gives you some background but he also talks about it having an effect on your tissues and their pliability when you don't hydrate well. 


Those who eat well and cleaner may have reduced their intake of sodium (salt). Magnesium is a mineral that has been greatly reduced from some natural sources due to continued soil quality depletion. 




Sweating is a highly individual bodily function, with most individuals losing around 500-1000ml of fluid (through sweating) per hour of exercise depending on the exact environmental conditions(1). Although the production of sweat is a beneficial response as it is our body’s main way of losing heat and keeping our body temperature regulated, if such fluid losses are not replaced at an appropriate rate, dehydration occurs and performance can be impaired. Indeed, dehydration can alter the function of our most important organs such as the brain, heart and muscles, as well as bone density. In a dehydrated state, our body temperature rises, heart rate increases, we deplete carbohydrate stores quicker and we perceive exercise to be more intense(2). In essence, we have to work much harder just to perform at the same speed or power output. If left unchecked, the negative physiological effects of dehydration can interact such that fatigue can rapidly occur.


Read on for more on electrolytes here:



The gang at CrossFit Trafford are hitting a lot of box jumps today so there's a little on a mobility piece too in the video for you. 


Check out easy to use tablet form options. Science in Sport or Nuun are popular options. Have a nosey on Amazon to get your best prices! Hope this helps!



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