The Need for Personal Training to complement CrossFit

October 8, 2018



So I recently put out a survey (35 responses from a possible 147 around 23% of the membership) looking to get some understanding of the need for more personalised services. This was within the membership at the gym where I've recently started coaching again. Basically, this is to help me understand client needs and where I can possibly help. 


Here are some of the results:


54% state Personal Coaching is extremely useful for introducing new concepts/methods/ thinking relating to CrossFit. It's evident that the more detailed nuances of CrossFit, particularly around proficiency around Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics and individual mobility/stability benefit from more time and individualisation. It's a challenge to be fully tackled within the general class formats. The timelines for individual success are greatly reduced with Personal/small group focus.



Overall, people want to improve their all round GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and skills that come up within CrossFit with 42% selecting the CrossFit PT option. They want to get better at all of it seems to be the general feeling!


 60% of respondents answered they were extremely likely or very likely to want a mix of group and personal coaching. The next question this bodes is the formats that will work for people? 30 min Skill Session, classic PT, small group workshop focus?  



 82.85% of 35 respondents said they think they probably/definitely need some form of Personal Coaching. 




  Here's a few more of the open ended responses to the above question on what people like about Personal Coaching:


"Specific for my needs"


"Individual and targeted coaching. Improving weaknesses. Encouragement to push myself."


"Achieving Goals"


"Personal coaching can help with specific sporting goals" 


"To have workouts for me specifically and to be pushed that bit more"


"It’s tailored to me and would help me stay accountable"


"Focussed training to you that helps you maximise efforts towards your goals"


"Someone to be able to make sure I am working my hardest safely"


"Focus on technique and effective training"


"Devoloping skills that you don’t get time to spend on in class Accountability!!!"


"Personalised approach"


"One to one focus on targetting the areas you want to improve on. Having someone to be accountable to and having the support and encouragement from someone."


"It’s taliored to you, your goals and your personality. It also gives you chance to perform movements you may not be able to do in a group environment"


"The fact that it builds your confidence, makes a massive difference to your motivation, not to mention your looks and overall strength and ability. 12 months I have had PTs for and although it's cost me a fortune I believe you can't put a cost on your health and wellbeing!"


"Working with a personal coach pushes boundaries further"


"Ensuring my technique is correct and gain a better understanding of the exercises. Being a Newbie to Crossfit, these are all new to me so if I were to get tuition particularly on the lifting exercises, that would assist"


"Focus on weaknesses and improve your ability to take into the group class"


"One to one coaching, fault finding,"


"Accountability, correct movement & encouragement."


"Working with someone who understands my abilities and weaknesses. They can then use these to tailor a program just for me."


So of the people that replied the consensus seems to be there is a NEED and interest for additional focus. It makes sense when there is such an array of skills, techniques and progressions within CrossFit to move through levels of proficiency. 


CrossFit is arguably THE best all round general fitness program out there for joe public. General classes will tick the boxes for the majority, but if you get the bug, strive for excellence,  or want to compete, you may need additional help. There's only so much your gym can cover day-to-day, week-to-week in classes and you have chosen a broad, general inclusive program aimed at a general population. If you want more specific, you need to get more specific.  


If you wish to improve your fitness/CrossFit skills get in touch for a FREE Strategy Session TODAY. 


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