Positive internal changes lead to positive external changes!

September 28, 2018


Above are my stats from the last 8 months along with the graphs for my weight/lean mass/ body fat since 2011. The biggest change around 2015 was when my little nugget came along. Everything changes with kids I'm sure a lot of you will know. 


Physically where I've been at the last couple of years is from a bad relationship breakdown, injuries, coming away from things I loved and becoming majorly inactive and working desk bound jobs. The head space was not good for a long time. 


Yet I always had ticking away in the back of my mind don't walk away from CrossFit. I found purpose there and Coaching made me happy. Very few close to me encouraged me to get back to it but I knew I'd regret it and everything else I did made me miserable. 


I still can't run due to calf/foot weakness after a bad sciatica episode. Can't load my spine or pelvis with any heavy weights still yet due still getting upslips and instability in pelvis that gives me a lot of back pain.


After being on one prescription of anti-depressants I had a switch. I made a decision..I decided I'm not gonna medicate myself..I've always been against having to medicate for anything. What I did though.. is make positive decisions again instead of negative ones. I rebuilt my website, I opened myself up to working with people again online. I took pictures. I measured my stats again albeit not as frequently (13th June and then 27th September - last ones). I started a focused rehab program, some aerobic work, bits of upper body weights again albeit inconsistently. I reached out to Scott at Infiniti even though my mind was saying it will lead to nothing. But it did...I'm coaching again with a great new bunch! 


I've started eating better again..my shakes, my supplements, I'm making better buying decisions when shopping again. My mind is moving back towards where I know I can be physically and mentally. 


Long long way to go, and things to handle in making a career stick in coaching, but here I am. I have to do it..I have to convince others. I have to make people believe in me! One foot in front of the other. 


Life/training/motivation/ nutrition is peaks and troughs....it's only ever about trying to make those troughs smaller. They will always happen. It's just if and when we choose to get back up again! So many don't!


For those going through their own struggles and battling their own demons...this one is for you!!





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