Fit For What? Meaning of what you do.

September 23, 2018

 You don't just get content about nutrition with me. I'll touch on coaching, concepts and pearls of wisdom from a number of fields that come from my make up as a coach. CrossFit is the root of everything I have done and learned as a coach. It's exposed me to a lot of different information, subject matter experts and elements that transfer over to success. Be it in nutrition, health, fitness or personal development. 


You may have read my blog on the 5 Why's recently or pieces about people who have done PT consults with me that are not really digging into their motivations for certain decisions or non-decisions. 


This is exactly what Paoli is talking about here...'meaning'...'intent'....'desire'!


If it's not evident or talked about with honesty..between clients and coaches..everyone is operating at a superficial level. Any success will of a similar or equal level.


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