The 'Muscle Gain' Online Program

September 10, 2018


I thought I'd give an inside look on what is in store for a new client beginning her Online Workout Program. Although the main focus of my service offering is Nutrition Coaching, I also provide online workout programs to either compliment nutrition coaching or as a standalone option. She is starting the Muscle Gain Program as she wants to focus on her strength and get more structure to her progress. She has a firm training background with over 5+ years experience with bootcamps, Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit and kettle bell training. 


Who it's aimed at:

An advanced program, best suited for those with a good training background, 4+ days per week for training and no injuries who want to prioritize muscle gain.


Not suited for people who would struggle to recover from multiple intense, high volume workouts each week, those with movement quality issues or limited time to train.


Phases 1-2:

Traditional low-volume sets and repetition format (typically around 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps) focused on balancing movement patterns and building movement quality. Four strength sessions per week with one upper-body session, one lower-body session and two full-body sessions.


Phase 1 (More detail):

Begins with one week of bodyweight-only workouts so that people who plan to train at home have time to acquire the basic equipment needed to do so. From there, the program focuses on fundamental movements such as single-arm dumbbell rows and goblet squats done for sets of 3 repetitions.



If this program interests you or you'd like to know more about whether my online workout programs are suitable for you, get in touch for a FREE Strategy Session TODAY! 



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