Marc Pro vs Compex (Active Recovery)

August 14, 2018

As well as a focus on nutrition on this website and my social media pages I like to incorporate info other lifestyle tools.


For recovery of hard training, as well as eating well and resting well, take a look at this option for improving your recovery protocols. If you are a very casual gym goer I wouldn't say they are something that's going to add a lot of value for you. However, if you train hard, do multiple training sessions a day or compete, then it's something to look at. 


These EMS tools are very popular these days to assist in flushing waste products from muscles via the lymphatic system and stimulate blood flow post workout.


Here's a little comparison of two of the big players in the video.


What's great about this review is he discusses their use with things like injury recovery and muscular re-education as some of the alternative uses of these machines. Also, don't get them confused with the mainstream forms of EMS units that tend to get used with massage settings (like TENs machines) or marketed for muscle definition. They are a different kettle of fish. 


The options in the video are a great addition for Gym owners or Therapy practitioners based within micro gyms. 


If you are looking at getting one look for UK based sites that stock it to avoid expensive shipping costs. 




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