Ste B - Spartan Nutrition Coaching & Training Testimonial

July 22, 2018

(Above - 3 Months of bootcamp & Nutrition)


After developing too much of a fondness for my sofa and cheesecake I started to realise that my clothes seemed to be getting snugger by the week.


I finally decided that something needed to be done, so after recommendations from my wife and a few friends I decided to take the plunge and visit Sean at Spartan.


I was a little nervous going in the first time, but any fears I had were soon allayed.




Sean is an excellent instructor, providing varied workouts that really put you through your paces. The workouts are tailored to an individual’s abilities and help you to develop your technique and improve your core strength and conditioning. He also provides great nutritional advice which really helps to get you on the right track.


There is a great atmosphere within the group, with plenty of encouragement to spur you on that little bit further each time.


I’d heartily recommend Sean to anyone, whether you wanted to lose a few pounds, improve your general fitness, prepare for a marathon or obtain the killer abs you’ve always been after.


Contact me for a FREE Strategy Session about your Nutrition TODAY

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