Eva K - Client Testimonial

July 18, 2018



I found Sean in a roundabout way. After having put on a lot of weight over the years, I tried several things but nothing seemed to work - until I found out about the Paleo / Caveman diet.


After two months the results were so visible that someone pointed it out to me. It turned out that both of us were eating Paleo, however she had taken it a step further and found Spartan.


Therefore I was very interested but also a bit skeptical about this ‘boot camp’. Surprisingly enough I was hooked from the very first session and am now looking forward to each next one! I always hated the gym and just could not motivate myself to go.


I found that Sean is a great motivator indeed, who really pushes me further than I would have done myself. He knows his stuff, monitors your movements and alters them for you if it doesn’t work for you yet. He keeps the sessions fun and interesting with varying exercises and you never feel that you’re left out there on your own and might injure yourself because you’re doing something wrong. Sean’s always behind you and corrects your movements if needed.


Another big difference to a gym is the group dynamic, which really helps to get you give your very best. The team is counting on you and cheers you on to go that bit faster and do one rep more. I’ll be finishing my 6 week cycle this week and have lost 2% body fat on top of what my new diet had done for me already. I’ve only just started but I know that I’ll stick with it as the results are very visible already. My body looks leaner and the muscle ache is paying off. 

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