Throwback Testimonial: Claire R

July 17, 2018

I first met Sean through my friend Carrie September/October last year as we started boot camp together, also my best friend Nicola recommended Spartan Boot camp to me who was also doing this at Sale on Monday evenings.


After having my 2 boys (now 8 and 4) I had not got rid of my baby weight, and felt very self-conscious of my weigh and my size, I tried going to the gym, zumba classes, aqua fit and even power walking in the clough, but nothing was shifting the inches or weight. I did try going back to weight watchers but I lost motivation very quickly especially when I had bad weeks (which due to problems at home were nearly every week).


When my friend told me about boot camp and that there was a 6 week cycle costing £40 for 12 Sessions, I thought, why not try, loads cheaper than the gym, and there were no excuses not to do it once paid.


I did lose a few inches last year through toning plates and power walking as I needed to get into my bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding, if boot camp would have been available then I would have been fitter and slimmer

My first impression of Sean was that he was very approachable, very passionate and knows his stuff where training and fitness is concerned. I have lately being talking to Sean about nutrition and he deffo knows his stuff when it comes to Good Foods and gives you advice when you are going wrong.




Sean always gauges your strengths and weaknesses and gives you what he thinks you can deal with, if you can’t do a movement he will give you something else Sean will show you better techniques in your movements/fitness (especially when it comes to the air squats and handstand

hold ).


Sean is not like the military boot camps you see on the TV, - Sean will push you when you need it so that you reach your goals.


My aim was to get fitter, tone up and lose a bit of weight, which I have done, the weight is a slow process but with Sean’s guidance I will get there quicker. Providing Stats each week gives you that extra pressure and motivation of getting it right and making the right choices. If it wasn’t for Sean’s training and nutrition I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am happier with my body and health and feel more motivated when it comes to my fitness.




I look forward to going each session, and feel gutted when I can’t make any of the sessions. I never felt like this when I missed the gym. I love the banter/laughs along the way in the classes which keeps it the fun factor. I've made a few good friends.


I would recommend Sean to anyone, he is very committed to your success, he’s very passionate and knowledgeable and gives you 100% all the time. Thanks Seaney here’s to the next cycle of boot camp. (Claire R- Feb 2013)


Contact me for a FREE Nutrition Strategy session TODAY to discuss getting you where you want to be. 




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