Health Markers and Your Measure of Success!

June 6, 2018


Working with people on their health, performance and composition goals you tend to get most clients focus on the look (inches lost/clothes fit/muscles gained) and feel (energy/vitality) aspects. 


Yet what's happening inside? What's happening with the biomarkers that you only know about when your doctors request them. Which is usually only when you've already got a problem.


Most people have no idea what's going on internally as they've never looked at their biomarkers outside of their doctors assessments. 


There are some baseline markers that can give a decent indicator of where you are at health wise. These can be used at both the start, periodically and at the end of any program/health regime (nutrition/exercise) you've adopted. You can use these to see the effects outside of the look and feel you may only be focusing on. 



Cholesterol (HDL/LDL)

Glucose (fasting) 


You can ask your doctor to run the above as a very basic health check although they may question why you want to look at them. They will tell you about fat levels, heart health and diabetes potential.  


Alternatively, there are now companies out there that provide blood panel health screens and they can be pretty comprehensive. The two main ones I've come across are Medichecks and Thriva in the UK. The Thriva Advanced panel doesn't test as much. I prefer the look of the Medichecks Essential Check that for the same price (at time of writing) has 44 tests on there covering:

red blood cells 

white blood cells 

clotting status 

CRP inflammation marker 

kidney function 

liver function


bone health



iron status

cholesterol status

heart disease risk


You complete the blood tests at home, send off the samples in the pack provided and you receive a report back within a few days with your results. You are looking at £50-£70 for such tests which is not much for peace of mind regarding your health. 


It could help identify nutrition deficiencies and give warnings towards chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. You are then armed with extra evidence and a yardstick to possibly direct your focus. Be it on nutrition, exercise or to affirm you are doing an A-Grade job of taking care of your health. Don't wait for the worst to happen. Be proactive with your health. Knowledge is power!


Here's a link to have a look at the various options for yourself:



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