Are You Struggling? Is Your Support Network working for you?

May 30, 2018


Life is multi- faceted and comes with constant curve balls surrounding everything from work, family, relationships,  as well as your health and fitness. 


When one of these pillars starts to shake it often has a knock on effect and damaging residue with others. 


Frustration, indecision or destructive decisions or an overfocus on one particular area leads to the detriment of others. 


Think about the workaholic who is hugely successful in their working field. They are great at what they do and are well rewarded financially. They work long hours and do not have time for things like fitness or focused nutrition. They eat as an afterthought and often with easy access convenience options to squeeze in around the primary work focus. 


They know they need to look after their health, they've gained weight over time. They know the implications this may have on their long term health in terms of more chronic conditions. Yet they continue to push it to the back of their mind and feel it can go down the pecking order. Part of the problem is they do not know how to organise and integrate solutions for this particular aspect of their lives. Or they think in all or nothing terms so that any change would be too dramatic. So it gets pushed into the dusty attic of their mind. 


Could the problem be around the support networks you have, or choose to use, or not use?


If you are stressed around work, meeting targets, performance, deadlines or constantly worried about your fluctuating income, who do you speak to? 


Family and friends are the go to support network for most people but are they always the right option?


Take the work scenario. Do they know much about your world of work and the issues you are struggling with? Are they in any position to offer qualified, objective advice on your particular problems. Sometimes, possibly, but most of the time its subjective. On the most part they are a sympathetic ear, ready to be vented to, but you are possibly still left with the same problem and decisions to be made on your own. The other side of the coin is what if family and friends are part of the problem you need help with?


Mastermind Groups:

I first came across this concept in 'Think And Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. What is it? "The coordination and effort of two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony." See here for a little bit more on this:


One of the best examples of this I came across was in the early days of UK CrossFit and the supportive forums between coaches and affiliate owners. The knowledge and tools that were shared there were amazing and there was a real dedication to helping each other.  


Be sure to associate with people who are willing to give value and contribute. I have found in the past that some people will just take from such groups with a more 'scarcity' mindset. Choose wisely the participants and ensure everybody is on the same page.


Can you find people of similar professions to share resources and knowledge with? Business Networking is huge these days and there is often a group local to you that can help with referrals.  Can you find people who have similar issues around family/relationships as you that may be creating stumbling blocks in your life and other important areas? Are there online communities you can make use of? If you prefer in person then are there individuals you connect with that you can touch base with regularly?



Business mentors are a huge thing these days. Those who have walked in your shoes and come out the other side and been successful. They take a huge amount of the stress away along with wasted time. They bring focus to your efforts.


They may also help to bring balance to the other areas of your life. Muddling through on your own thinking you have to find your own way as a solo warrior isn't always the best method. Especially if something isn't working for you.


Asking for help is often the hardest thing to do for people who feel they should have all the answers themselves. Don't let pride get in the way of success.


Get specific, tailored, objective advice and expertise whatever that may be. The longer you wait, the more you suffer, the less balance and happiness you ultimately have. 







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