Week 9 Progress: Nutrition Coaching Client

February 14, 2018

 Above is a screenshot of a review. Its insight into my test client who is going through my 12 month program. It requires daily check ins by the client in their email inbox for their daily tasks. If someone cannot 'make time' for this foundational habit then my program is useless. It requires some thought, reviewing and writing of feedback for both client and coach. It may seem too simplistic for those that want something different, quick or rigid.  It's not a meal plan and its not calorie counting process. It's a crawl before you walk step process that tackles mental blocks before concerning itself with quantities and minute details around macros and calories. This is why it is a 12 month program.


The ideal candidate would be someone who has probably tried multiple diets and either never had results or sabotaged their own progress. Or, if they regressed back repeatedly to what they know. If you have felt overwhelmed with rapid changes of eating regimes or slotting in change with a busy life then this could be what you need. 


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