I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit for purpose body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness and nutrition goals, develop a training and eating regime that fits your needs, and guides you through every new daily habit, and every behaviour reinforced. My approach to Nutrition, health and performance overlaps, and will have you feeling empowered for long term improvements. Instead of being  stressed about too much change at once. I use a staggered achievable Nutrition program that builds progressively across a year long structure to complement your training/lifestyle.


Spartan Mission: To bring knowledge, growth and mastery to individuals health and fitness in Oldham or further afield online.


Health, body composition and performance

Nutrition is the foundation to fuel health, performance and physical change. I offer a 12 month program of dedicated Nutrition Coaching for long term accountability and results. My approach is based in eating real, whole nutritious foods. Managing lifestyle stressors and recovery protocols, with the assistance of high quality supplementation where necessary. Coaching to guide you to make lasting habitual behaviours around relationships to food and your goals.


Hear What Others Have to Say

“With Sean’s coaching help I have achieved many things that I felt so far away from before I started. Losing the extra weight has helped my back issues and strengthened all of my joints, making my recovery much quicker and my performance more consistent. It has eradicated many of the little niggles I used to suffer with, and built my confidence to perform.”

Jonathan P

“Within a couple of sessions I could do a few pull-ups unbroken. My new muscles have also really paid off in other areas and I have seen my PBs going up in pretty much every lift. Sean has been absolutely amazing every step of the way in his programming and coaching as well as in his commitment and enthusiasm.”

Niki B

“I love the fact Sean is on hand to discuss any concerns I may have. He seems to care and wants us all to achieve the goals we have set. My psoriasis has significantly improved across the first 4 weeks. I do believe I will change my eating habits for life now.. I have also lost 16lbs in weight, 7% body fat and 13 total body inches.”

Linzi S

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