So I guess you're thinking...does this program work? Check out the video to see. There are some frequently asked questions below for you too.



What Is The Nutrition Program?


It's a 12 month transformation program that looks to take you through important  sustainable changes for diet and lifestyle. All with the help of a professional coach.

We teach you doable daily actions, made to fit into your busy lifestyle. 

We help to bring health and fitness in a way that works for your circumstances and your physique.

What is the longest period you've been on a particular eating regime/ diet/ nutrition approach continuously?

What Does The Program Include?

Structured year long nutrition program to aid consistency.

An expert coach for feedback, amendments and to keep you accountable.

Daily nutrition practices that fit into your lifestyle.

Expert designed (optional) workout programs that are modified to skill levels and available time.

Who Is It Aimed At?


People who want to:

- lose weight and body fat

- build strength and improve confidence

- have lasting results

- get away from the yo-yo dieting culture permanently

The program is for those with busy lives and I help them to navigate the obstacles of everyday life in maintaining health and fitness.

You get personal accountability,  a structured nutrition program to follow and we build habits for life. 

Who Is it Not For?

It's not aimed at figure/fitness models, pro bodybuilders or high level athletes training for a specific sport.

It's not for people looking for the quick fix, or wanting results within a short timeframe.

It's not for people who just want a daily calorie intake and specific meal plan


It's not for people who already have good accountability.

If you infrequently struggle with your eating and exercise regime then I am not a good  fit for you. 

Will It Work For Me?

If you follow my guidance and recommendations and stay with it for 12 months then yes you WILL get results.

If you do at least 80 percent of what you are asked to do, you will be leaner, stronger, healthier and of course happier with your body. This includes making time to complete the exercises and workshops. Think of it as your daily homework. Set aside around 20 mins for your check ins. 

It doesn't have to be perfect but you must commit to the small strategic changes in your life.

The thing that no one wants to really admit. It takes hard work, time and determination.

Changing your body is never easy but it is of course possible.


Across the 12 months you will learn everything you need to look, feel and perform at your peak. 

Do You Guarantee Results?

Yes we do!


Stay with the Nutrition Program for a year and complete 80% of the habit adherence. If not happy with your results at the end of the year, I'll give you a full refund.

Who Are You And What Makes You Qualified To Coach?

I'm a fitness professional providing services powered by the ProCoach system partnered with Precision Nutrition's curriculum. 

John Berardi Ph.D is the co-founder of Precision Nutrition and he has dedicated his life to making health and fitness accessible to everyone from different backgrounds.


They have a world class coaching team made up of doctors, exercise specialists, naturopaths, nutritionists and counsellors. These are at my disposal for my coaching of clients. 

They've coached and mentored in over 100 countries through research programs, professional education courses and personal coaching groups. 

They also have companies coming to them for help. Nike, Apple and pro teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Olympic athletes and their coaches.

Lots of people consider them the world's leading experts in nutrition coaching.

What Will I Learn in The Program?

Get in touch and I can let you know all about the curriculum.

Do You Give Me a Meal Plan?

No, we do not give any rigid meal plans.

Meal plans and diets aren't really that practical and sustainable. People feel they are either 'on them' or 'off them'. There is a tendency to feel they've failed if they have not implemented them perfectly for every meal. 

Our approach is completely different: It's about setting you up with sustainable habits for life.

It means you choose - with the help of me as your coach - which foods are best for you , when to eat those foods and how much to eat of them. 

Why Are You Offering This Type of Coaching?

Mentors and coaches make all the difference in life and  that's why I've adopted this Coaching Program. Having a coach who is further on than you are and has faced a lot of the obstacles you have is gold dust. They help steer your direction for where you need to go.  

It's about making a meaningful change in your life!

I'm A Beginner With A Lot Of Weight To Lose. Will This Work For Me?

Yes of course. We've worked with plenty of people new to exercise and healthy eating.


Everyone has been a beginner at some point in their lives. I look to ensure  we move at a pace that is comfortable for them.


You can see how varied the clients are with this approach from the video above and the testimonials here on the website. Different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. 

I'm Not A Beginner. Will It Work For Me?

Many clients can have 5+ years of consistent exercise and healthy eating and still get results. That's down to their interactions with a coach and tailoring the approach towards their needs/goals. It's not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. 


People sometimes like handing over the responsibility to a coach so they can remove a lot of the thinking and fretting. It helps them to focus on other things in their lives.


What If I Don't Have Much Weight To Lose But Just Want To Feel Better?


That's great and it puts you ahead of the general curve. Lifelong fitness and health is a lot more than just losing weight. With Spartan Nutrition Coaching you will learn ho to maintain a healthy lean body for life. 


You'll learn what it is to feel more physically capable, confident, stronger both inside and outside. 


You will also develop a healthy relationship to food and eating. 


I'm Interested In Building Muscle. Is This For Me?


Yes I have custom exercise programming and habits specifically for people who want to build muscle. I will work with you to help achieve your specific composition goals.


I'm Thinking Of Joining With A Friend Or Partner. Can We Do The Program Together?


Of course! It's a great social encouragement when family and friends do it together. Having that immediate support is key to many clients success. 


Is This Just For Young People?


Not at all. We coach people of all ages. 


Do You Require Progress Photos? Do I Have To Submit Those?


I don't insist on these. They are optional. 


The reason I ask for them is to visually document the changes while you are being coached by me. 


It's also important for me to see whats happening physically so I can give better advice  and guidance. 


At the end of your coaching experience, if you're really proud of your transformation we'll ask for your permission to use them. 


But before that pictures are kept totally private at all times. 

I'm here to help change bodies and lives. I'm not here to make anyone feel embarrassed or ashamed. So you can opt out of the photo process if you want to.

Though I do ask you to push your comfort zone and get involved in giving this method a try

a  try. 

Just like a few of my former 3 month package clients below. 




How Much Does It Cost? 

Packages range from £39/month to £119/month

You can opt to pay upfront and make significant savings. E.g the 12 Month £99/month Nutrition + Workouts package would cost £999 instead of £1,188. See services page for more options. 

I offer major discount for those that sign up for the presale list for one reason: the people who are the most keen and willing to take action are usually the best clients. That's why I reward them with a discount and a chance to register 24 hours before everyone else.

Will I Have To Spend A lot of Money On Food And Supplements?

A lot of customers find they actually save money on their grocery bills. 

You will be making more informed, careful decisions, eat out less, and spend less on processed foods, replacing them with whole, tasty natural foods. 

With supplements we may recommend some health oriented products based on your unique goals and needs. However, these are entirely optional. 

Will I Need To Join a Gym?

No, you don't have to join a gym to be successful with Spartan. 

All the exercises can be performed at a gym or at home.

I Like To....(CrossFit, run, bike ski, do group classes) Can I Still Do The Things I Love While Being Coached?

Of course you can. Keep doing that stuff!

It's all about working with me on what works for you.

Health and fitness should be fun and sustainable. It's about helping you lead a better fulfilling life! If anything it's only going to help you do more of the things you love. 

Once you get started I will work with you to structure things in a way that works for your lifestyle.


I Already Have a Personal Trainer. Can I Keep That Up While Being Coached by Spartan Strength and Conditioning?


If you want to work with both..that's fine of course. 

To be fair, with your trainer and'll be a force to be reckoned with. 

Once you sign up just let me know you're working with a local trainer and I'll make sure we integrate the two.

I Have a Few Injuries..Can I Still Join?


We all get injuries, so I totally get where you are coming from. We can tailor certain exercises/programs to help fit your needs. Once you've signed you'll work with me to find some alternatives. 


We make no guarantee of any specific results from the use of our services. Results  may vary from individual to individual based on levels of adherence to the programs. 

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Are you ready to change your body, your life with help from the best nutrition methodology in the world? This is your chance! 





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