Move And Eat With Purpose

My name is Sean Murray. The film '300' and how the cast were trained are what started me on my path (and where the brand name came from). I was lucky enough to be inspired by a great trainer and a methodology that has changed the fitness world. I had my horizons widened about my own capabilities physically and mentally. I decided I wanted to be able to share and teach what I have learned.


Nutrition and fitness has a unique power to influence people physically, mentally and even spiritually. It's essential to be active as well as having sound nutrition, to thrive from a health and well being point of view. It transfers on to all other parts of your life. It's my job to communicate and inspire this.

I want to see the change in people, their mentality and beliefs about what is possible. I want to help others to grow as I have.


Coached in micro gyms from 2010 and worked at CrossFit 3D, Train Manchester, Head Coach CrossFit XIXI, CrossFit Trafford and guest coached at CrossFit Northern Soul. Currently coaching Spartan GPP Fitness and 121 coaching at Freedom Strength Gym (Unit G18 Pennant Street Industrial Estate, Oldham, OL1 3NS). 


Qualifications: CrossFit L-2 Trainer, British Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, Level 2 Gym Instructor. My passion now includes Individual Program Design, Online Nutrition Coaching, Online Training Programs and I'm partnered with Precision Nutrition.




United Kingdom

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