Wednesday 14th November 2012- Girl lifts heavy and loses fat and inches!

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I’ve received a message on Facebook from a friend of mine who up until recently was unhappy with her fitness progress and general physical state. She then read Staci’s story (read here) on the Spartan Facebook page which I’d posted to try and give alternative opinions on the myth regarding women getting bulky from lifting heavy weights. It hit a cord with her and I encouraged her to try Olympic Weightlifting as she had the genetics to do well at it and assist in her goal to lean up. Now she didn’t go down the Olympic weightlifting route but she has started a resistance training program at her local gym!

Here’s the message anyway:

“Would just like to say, thank so much for pointing me in the right direction!
In 3 weeks I’ve lost half a stone, a couple of inches from my waist and hips and dropped 1.5% body fat…just by weight lifting!
I’ve done a little bit of cardio, but not masses but I’m mainly at the gym 3 nights a week in the free weights corner lifting as heavy as possible. I f I can do more than 6 reps I make it heavier!
The best part is, I haven’t changed my diet one little bit. I eat what I want when I want – these results are like some kind of witchcraft.
So, cheers! :)

Okay so, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, alternating upper body and legs so there is about 5 days in between each.
Upper body – 6kg dumbell bicep curls (that really is my max, puny biceps!), 14kg pull-down, 10kg dumbell bench press, 14kg dumbell bent over rows (where you have one knee and one arm on the bench), 20kg barbell disc each hand for shrugs and if I feel up to it, shoulder presses. I do 3 sets of 6 for each and if its a dumbell move then it’s one in each hand (so the bench press total is 20kg total).
Legs – squats and walking lunges holding a 15kg barbell disc plus tuck jumps on the spot and leg raises for my calves. I do 15 of each thing 3 times in a row.
Before all this I either row or cycle hard as poss for 5 mins for a warm up and I finish each session with crunches. I know I need more ab and lower back work but I’m still searching for moves that feel right.
I’m loving it!”
(Katie Majerski)


Brilliant story Katie and keep up the great work!! Look forward to hearing more on your progress. One thing girls don’t necessarily expect miracles just because Katie has had a good result without messing with her nutrition at all. Each person may get a different effect and need more nutrition tweaking to optimize results.