Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Package:
2 x week = PM for consultation
3 x week = PM for consultation
4 x week = PM for consultation

Personal Training ONLY:
PM for consultation

***Nutrition is a standalone service and can be bolted on as per options below.***

Nutrition – Tailored Meal Plans:
1) £97 for 6 Week Tailored Meal Plan + recipes

2) £67 for 6 Week Tailored Meal Plan ONLY:

For self sufficient clients who are committed and will  have high adherence to the plan.

Dedicated 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching:
- Eating plan assessed, monitored and changed when necessary
- Accountability to coach
- Goal Setting
- Stats System
- Weekly contact via phone/Skype/Facetime
- 3 Month/6 month/ 12 month options

PM for Strategy Session


Meal Plan Considerations: (a clients perspective)

- First thing to consider is what is your goal, to lose weight, fat loss, muscle gain, increase performance? This will be reflected in your target calorie intake and macro distribution. Be honest about activity level including exercise and work/lifestyle.

- Set a food budget, the meal plan will be based on what you spend

- Give as much info as possible regarding meal times and managing planning/cooking of food. I mentioned that I have little time in the mornings…most of the breakfasts are quick or can be prepared the night before but I have had some that are huge portions which I struggle to eat, especially if I’m on the go.

- There is a choice of dietary options Primal, Clean Eating  Low Carb , Low GI  and IIFMM etc. I chose clean as I was sometimes eating oats and rice on training days. However, I adopted a primal diet before avoiding white potato, bread, pasta, grains and beans. When the meal plan arrived I was surprised that a ‘clean’ diet included foods I considered to be bad for me. Brown bread/rice/pasta, new potatoes were allowed in moderation. Think carefully about what you are willing to eat before filling in the questionnaire (consult Sean at this stage to go over options). Likes and dislikes are taken into account so make a list of things you particularly enjoy eating and foods you definitely won’t touch. This will help you stay on track! Also include any supplements/protein you regularly have so these can be incorporated.

- The meal plan itself is broken down into weeks 1&4, 2&5 and 3&6 having the same menu. This is great for batch cooking so meals can be prepared in advance and frozen (i.e. chilli/curry). Extra recipes are included if you do get bored they include calories and macros per serving (£97 Meal Plans only). Snack ideas and list of vegetables are provided too (you can pretty much eat as much veg as you like!!)

- The meal plan is great for not having to think what to eat, but be prepared to eat things that you’re maybe not used to or are a little bland…spices, herbs and seasoning are a must!

- It doesn’t state whether weights are cooked or raw, I generally go for cooked but stay consistent in whatever you do e.g. if it’s 100g of lean meat this will weigh a little bit more uncooked. You tend to lose about a third of the weight when you cook food.

- It doesn’t tell you how to cook the food (unless it’s a recipe) I usually grill or oven roast using the least amount of oil (which needs to be tracked too).

- Download MyFitnessPal. Again this helps tracking and the recipes can be found on there by typing in ‘fpcr’ then the recipe title. Log everything you eat good and bad! Calories, Nutrients and Macros can be tracked and offset against any exercise you do. Unless you pay extra for an upgrade you won’t be able to enter the exact grams per carb/protein/fat but you can put in percentages closest to your target weights and gauge how well you are doing.

- So far I have mostly exceeded my target daily calorie intake I tend to listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry especially on training days! Use the app to see where you are lacking and adjust eating.

- Be organised! You’ll need scales, measuring cups, blender/food processor and food containers.

1) Write a shopping list

2) Prepare meals for the following day the night before OR for the week on a Sunday if you have the time.

3) Cook batches of mixed veg (weigh out ingredients and add to your own recipes on MyFitnessPal for future reference)

4) Make more portions than needed and freeze left overs

5) Prepare snacks to avoid eating anything bad

It can be time consuming and needs self-motivation as there is little/no coaching input. If you don’t need a lot of guidance and are able to just get on with it, then I would recommend trying this!

DISCLAIMER:  Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. Time-frames for results are not guaranteed and commitment and a desire to change are required.