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I first met Sean at bootcamp when he was covering for one of our regular coaches, I realised quite quickly that Sean had an extensive knowledge and a unique coaching style that is so individual it’s impossible to not progress. He was also really helpful with nutrition tips and I picked up so much in a couple of short conversations with him.

A bit of time passed as I was pretty engrained in a training routine and leading a busy, stressful, time restricted lifestyle. I finally decided that I was not happy with the results I was getting on my own with my nutrition and needed some help. I was aware Sean had his own Nutrition, bootcamp and training business so I asked what I needed to do to come on board. I was hesitant ONLY because geographically I lived on the other side of town and was already spending two hours a day in the car – but I was so relieved that I really didn’t need to rock the boat on any of what I was doing other than from a Nutrition standpoint.

I was totally unaware how easily it can all can work on a remote basis, I assumed I would need to change my entire programme and location of training but when I met up with Sean for a coffee he made it all sound so straightforward and simple. I really regretted having taken so long to get the wheels in motion.

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We soon boxed off a plan and it was as easy as logging stats each week and taking some pics to see real results. I lost 12lbs in scale weight, 6% body fat in 3 months but equally my training and overall wellbeing is what changed the most. Yes I added some PT sessions in to the mix and this involved a lot of mobility work and sorting out of old niggles i.e my squat was not pretty, shoulder immobility prevented me from racking a bar properly and I had totally lost sight of the importance of stretching and mobilising. All this soon changed and I now feel my body moves functionally, not just under duress.

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I would have no hesitation in recommending Sean’s approach to both Nutrition and training and his extensive knowledge and ongoing research will ensure we all keep learning and only making forward steps.

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