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Well I first met Sean at CrossFit XIXI back in May. I was looking for a way to put weight on. I’d tried myself but it always ended up in the wrong place. After a quick chat with Sean at the gym, I went and met him for coffee and a Strategy Session. I explained to him my goals of putting weight on in the right places and of suffering with rheumatism in my joints in winter. I was sick of the weight I was putting on, as well as being soft, mushy and with cellulite!!

Sean knew exactly what I meant and talked about how he would work with me and change my eating ways. His knowledge was amazing!! I decided to go ahead with it. It wasn’t cheap and I would have to put 100% into it. But I wasn’t just being sent away with a diet sheet either. Best decision I ever made!!!

It was hard at first to plan and eat all the things I was supposed to but Sean always came up with a solution to get me back in track. Lots and lots of excellent things have I learnt and I have never felt better. Well what can I say about my own personal results. Absolutely amazing!!!! Proper weight gain in all the right places and which I can’t believe NO Cellulite. My skin is amazing for a 51 yr old. And no sign of any aches and pains in my elbows. I’ve been able to carry on boxing and weight training through these winter months. Where usually I have to stop these for warmer months.


Before/ After pics: 1st August 2015- 2nd November 2015

I can’t honestly and truthfully believe how much my body has changed inside and out. I realise now how bad I was eating even for someone as skinny as me. My fitness levels are so much better and I’m finding I can lift weights with a lot more ease. I’ve even entered a few running events next year. This is something I never thought I would do as I was scared of losing too much weight. I can’t thank you enough Sean you have completely changed my life. Oh and I’ve had a ball buying a new wardrobe of clothes!!

5 lbs scale weight gained
3.5 body inches gained
2 % Body Fat dropped
6.3 lbs lean mass gained
1.2 lbs fat mass dropped

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