Peachey 2 months progress

Progress pics span 10th February 2015 to 14th April 2015

I first met Sean when CrossFit XI:XI opened its doors. I was completely new to CrossFit and looking for something different to the usual grind in the commercial gyms, just lifting weights and the occasional jog on the treadmill. I’d always had a good background in strength but my endurance was extremely poor. As far as my nutrition went, I always believed I ate pretty well but not too consistently, and knew that if my performance was to improve that diet was the key.

I’d heard Sean talk about his nutrition coaching before and always thought it would be something to try. A combination of Sean not taking on clients and the price of it is what kept me away initially. But when the opportunity arose I threw my name in to the hat. It wasn’t until Sean impressed upon me that this is one of the biggest and most important investments you can make that I knew I had to approach this with 110% dedication.

When I first started the coaching the influx of information was a little overwhelming and I knew massive changes would need to be made to what I eat and how/when I ate it. But I wasn’t going to fall at the first hurdle. With a little help from my better half (who was also undertaking coaching) we changed our shopping habits and began food prepping. The first week or so took a bit of getting used to but thankfully Sean was always a message or phone call away and always managed to clarify the situation and get us back on track. Sean was so hands on and always helped me understand what I was trying to achieve. The weigh ins each week gave me a focus and the feedback from Sean on my results always gave me something to work towards.

Two months down the line, after a few ups and downs I have come a long way and learnt some valuable lessons. I have a renewed focus in my life and am dedicated to bettering myself physically and mentally. My performances over the last 8 weeks have improved dramatically, my endurance continues to improve and my strength has maintained despite dropping the weight I have. This in turn has only fuelled my mental focus and allows me to make the sacrifices needed.

With Sean’s coaching help I have achieved many things that I felt so far away from before I started. I have achieved my first muscle ups (Ring & Bar MUs), managed to start handstand walking and occasionally enjoy running…….very occasionally! Losing the extra weight has helped my back issues and strengthened all of my joints, making my recovery much quicker and my performance more consistent. It has eradicated many of the little niggles I used to suffer with and built my confidence to perform.

Screen shot 2015-04-17 at 14.35.24

2 Month Results:
13.5lbs weight dropped
8.5 body inches dropped
11% body fat dropped
9.5 lbs lean mass gained

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