Strength & Conditioning is training with performance improvements (rather than aesthetics) at its core. It is an essential element of physical training for team sports such as football, Rugby, Cricket and hockey. Or individual sports such as Triathlon, Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, or tennis. It’s side effects also have a significant benefit towards FAT LOSS or increased LEAN MUSCLE MASS depending on your goals.

My aim is to bring professional athletic training methods to the masses and fill the gap where the fitness industry is letting people down. BOREDOM, STAID ROUTINES, and a LACK OF DIRECTION with training go hand in hand with the corporate gym model and the reason people do not make progress or give up exercise. A business model that takes your money monthly and doesn’t care if you go. This is not good enough. There is a new Functional Fitness community challenging this standard. TRAIN TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE; to be a better parent, to stay out of the rocking chair, to have the ability to defend yourself, to be stronger mentally and physically.

Train for a PURPOSE, not because you feel you should. Training with tread mills, cross trainers and isolation machines is the equivalent of riding a bike with stabilizers for the rest of your life. You are blunting your potential physical adaptations. YOU are capable of so much more. My ethos is ‘Train and eat like an athlete and you will look like an athlete!’ A great trainer told me that once, and they are wise words to live by! If you want a TONED, ATHLETIC physique you have come to the right place!

I’ve worked within the CrossFit community since 2010 at (CrossFit 3D- under Karl Steadman, CrossFit HQ Euro Flowmaster) for two years, just over a year at Train Manchester (Castlefield) coaching CrossFit, before gaining a Head Coach role in Walkden at CrossFit XIXI Strength & Conditioning Gym, Walkden. I now operate from CrossFit Northern Soul in Failsworth.

I offer one on one, group personal training, FAT LOSS Nutrition Coaching, as well as Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting and basic gymnastics. I also train individuals with more general goals of FAT LOSS, IMPROVED MUSCLE TONE and IMPROVED HEALTH and of course looking good in the mirror.

The aim is make you a well rounded athlete capable of tackling whatever physical tasks life throws at you in everyday life or your chosen sport. That could be to help a grandparent get out of a chair under their own strength;help a competitor complete a 10k race in a target time, to stay mobile as the years pass by. Hell it’s even ok if it’s to look like a Spartan or an Amazonian goddess! The goals are yours and I will look to help you achieve them.

Contact me for a strategy session and result based package.